Success Stories

Watchfire Digital Billboards Fuel Go Digital’s Success in Central America
July 10, 2013
Go Digital’s General Manager Rodrigo Lopez credits a key, and once secret, competitive advantage—the quality of their digital billboards from Watchfire—for facilitating their success.
Target Signs Converts Six Billboards to Digital with Watchfire Digital Outdoor
November 27, 2012
The premier outdoor advertising company in Gillette, Wyo., Target Signs converted six static faces to digital billboards manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. Owner Ken Musser says the impact was instant and his company is on track to meet the occupancy goal right out of the gate.
For Key Ads Watchfire Was Obvious Choice for Digital Billboards
May 7, 2012
Key-Ads was founded in 1955 and has grown to become a strong force in Ohio’s outdoor advertising industry. The family business has an innovative focus while serving a wide range of advertisers. In 2009, after attending a conference at which he could view a variety of digital billboard products, Key-Ads vice president Nick Keyes, Jr. began to consider a move to digital.
KULA Media Goes from Start-Up to Sell Out with Watchfire Digital Outdoor
September 30, 2011
David and Kathleen Shykula haven’t always been involved in outdoor advertising. David is a professional electrical engineer (P.Eng.) and small business owner, and his wife Kathleen is a corporate trainer and graphic designer. But in 2010, the couple decided to make the move into outdoor advertising with digital billboards, and KULA Media was born.
Innovative Media Installs Two Watchfire Digital Billboards
August 29, 2011
Innovative Media LLC, a Nashville, Tennessee based outdoor advertising company, has installed two digital billboards in Nashville manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. The 19mm 11’x21’ boards are located on West End Avenue, at 23rd Avenue and 29th Avenue.
Good things come in threes. Burkett purchases third digital billboard from Watchfire Signs.
July 12, 2011
Burkett Media selected Watchfire Digital Outdoor to manufacture its third digital billboard. Beau Burkett, president, says he chose Watchfire because they provide a combination of quality manufacturing and superior customer service, and it seems the advertisers love Watchfire billboards as well. The new billboard was completely leased prior to installation.
Burkett Media sells out its entire Watchfire digital billboard inventory within weeks of installation.
April 30, 2010
Burkett pre-leased three of the six available slots on the digital billboard before it was installed on March 1, 2010, and the board is already completely leased through the next 12 months. There’s even a waiting list of advertisers.
Norton Outdoor Advertising Partners with Watchfire Digital Outdoor to Enhance Image Quality
February 3, 2010
Norton recently made the change to Watchfire Digital Outdoor because of its reputation for the best looking, most durable boards on the market. The two companies even worked together during the development of Watchfire’s new Ignite™ Online software.
Watchfire Digital Outdoor’s flexibility helps Digital Impact Outdoor sell out its inventory.
December 17, 2009
Only a few months after installing its third Watchfire Digital Outdoor billboard, Digital Impact Outdoor (DIO) has sold out all available advertising space and already has a growing waiting list.
Watchfire Raises the Bar Again; Unveils 3rd Generation Billboard
November 4, 2009
Watchfire Digital Outdoor, manufacturer of the best looking and most durable digital billboards, is once again blazing the trail in the billboard industry by unveiling its 3rd Generation digital billboards, which are more energy efficient, more technologically advanced and more user-friendly than ever.
Roland Advertising decides Watchfire Digital Outdoor is the clear winner
October 28, 2009
Roland Advertising, of Cookeville, Tenn., started out using its new Watchfire Digital Outdoor billboard as a community communications tool to showcase the board. Within hours of the billboard being unloaded from the truck, there were advertisements up and running for local events and services. Since then, Roland has received tremendous feedback from local advertisers who cite ease of use, flexibility and fast turn-around as the key benefits of advertising on their Watchfire digital billboard.
Watchfire Digital Billboards helps BEAM thrive in economic downturn
October 27, 2009
Many of BEAM Enterprises’ customers are first-time advertisers on billboards of any kind who are drawn to the digital side of the business because rates are actually a better value than newspaper and television advertising. They can also advertise more timely events and, in many cases, create their own ads. In today’s economy, a digital billboard is a very attractive advertising option.
Think small – Bender Billboards opens profitable doors to small businesses with Watchfire Digital Outdoor
September 30, 2009
“I’ve been able to provide some of the smaller businesses in town a way to advertise despite the fact that times are tough right now,” explained Bobby Pennell, Bender’s owner. “Because digital is changeable with the click of a mouse, and not static like vinyl, I have been able to spread the ad space across several businesses, making the cost per ad much more reasonable. The smaller businesses in town love it!”
More than luck – Celtic festival fast tracks ad on Key-Ads’ digital billboard within 48 hours
August 25, 2009
Key-Ads’ digital billboard immediately expanded the company’s customer base to include businesses that need to quickly update their advertisements or need space for a specific event. Nick Keyes, Jr. cites a recent example of the local Celtic festival organizers who had their advertisement up and running within 48 hours of requesting ad space.
Innovative LOOK Billboards allows advertisers to rotate among locations with Watchfire Digital Outdoor
August 25, 2009
LOOK Billboards, an outdoor advertising company in southern Oklahoma, that owns 130 vinyl billboard faces, is further embracing the digital advantage by implementing a unique “rotary” network program so advertisers can rotate their ads among three digital billboard locations for maximum exposure.
Porlier Outdoor goes digital in St. Louis – competes with TV, radio and print
August 25, 2009
Since Porlier Outdoor Advertising Co’s digital billboards went live, they’ve stuck to a very specific sales strategy that differs from that of their vinyl billboards. “We see digital billboards as a direct replacement for TV, radio and print,” said Brent Porlier. The strategy has successfully expanded Porlier’s customer base to include businesses that look for cost-effective and impactful ways to highlight their latest deals and incentives.
Well Done – Trellis Realty helps steak house triple projected sales on Watchfire Digital Outdoor billboard
August 3, 2009
T-Bones, a restaurant chain and early advertiser on both of Trellis’ digital billboards, provides evidence of the power of the new medium. Although the chain has restaurants in several locations throughout the state, only the Laconia location used the Trellis digital billboards to advertise their annual St. Patrick’s $9.99 corned beef dinner special. That location saw a 300 percent increase in business over last year, while business at the other locations remained flat.
Kramerica More Than Triples Revenues with Watchfire Digital Billboard
March 19, 2009
Kramerica Outdoor Advertising of Sulphur Springs, Texas, installed its first digital billboard in Sulphur Springs, replacing two tri-face billboards with a 19mm 10’6” x 25’ digital billboard manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor. Although the company has gone from two boards to one, it has tripled its revenues with the single digital billboard in just a few months, according to Craig Johnson, owner of Kramerica Outdoor Advertising.
Central Texas Billboard Operator Scores Immediate Results with New Watchfire Digital Billboards
February 18, 2009
Just six months after installing its first Watchfire Digital Billboard, Digital Impact Outdoor (DIO) of Abilene, Texas installed its second digital billboard from Watchfire Digital Outdoor ( DIO installed the new 19mm 10' by 30' digital billboard on Sherwood Way, a portion of US Highway 67 that runs through San Angelo in central Texas. An estimated 30,000 vehicles pass the digital billboard every day.
Action Outdoor Advertising is Bullish on Watchfire Digital Billboards with Purchase of Seven 14’ x 48’ LED Billboards for Greater Atlanta Area
February 12, 2009
Action Outdoor Advertising of Atlanta ( has installed seven new 14’ x 48’ digital billboards, manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor, in Atlanta and surrounding suburbs. Action Outdoor is the first to deploy an additional LED imprint sign on the skirt of the new digital billboards.
Missouri and Illinois Billboard Operators Choose Watchfire Digital Billboards; Advertisers Get The Digital Advantage
February 10, 2009
Drury Southwest Signs (DSW Signs) and Mid-America Outdoor Advertising are the latest independent operators to improve their advertising offerings to customers by replacing their static billboards with digital billboards from Watchfire Digital Outdoor.
Grace Media Installs Second Watchfire Digital Billboard in Troy, Ala.
December 22, 2008
Grace Media Management of Troy, Ala. installed its second 19mm digital LED billboard manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor at a highly traveled intersection on US Highway 231 in Troy, Ala.
Swift Outdoor Debuts Second Watchfire Digital Billboard, Advertising Booked Year in Advance
October 10, 2008
Swift Outdoor Advertising Company of Waco, Texas installed its second 19mm digital LED billboard; manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor (, at 815 Lake Air Drive in the center of Waco.
Seiz Sign Company Installs Watchfire Digital Billboard in Hot Springs
September 29, 2008
Outdoor advertising company Seiz Sign Company selected Airport Road in Hot Springs, Ark. as the location of its first digital billboard. Watchfire Digital Outdoor of Danville, Ill. manufactured the 19mm, 12’ x 24’ digital billboard.
Watchfire Installs Digital Billboard in Harrisburg/Hershey for Premier Media
August 25, 2008
Harrisburg and Hershey, Pa. commuters will see a more vivid and sharp digital billboard on the horizon beginning this week. Premier Media has installed the area’s first 19mm, super-vivid billboard manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor ( The 14’ x 48’ digital billboard is located on Route 322, east of I83.
Sign Lights Up Marketing
July 1, 2008
At the intersection with Ironwood Drive, more and more motorists are gazing upward at a sight they've never seen in the area before. A sight that's bright, colorful and active enough to get even adults to use words like "really neat" and "super cool."
Already 65 Percent Sold, the Billboard is Situated at a Prime Location Troy, Ala
June 18, 2008
Troy, Ala.-based Grace Media Management, LLC has installed its first digital billboard, which was manufactured by Watchfire Digital Outdoor ( It's the sixth Watchfire digital billboard in the state. Grace's 19mm 10' x 30' billboard is at the main entrance of the Super Wal-Mart on US 231, a five-lane highway that runs from Montgomery, Ala., through the center of Troy, and continues onto the Florida panhandle into Panama City, Fla.