Watchfire Digital Outdoor manufactures four models of LED billboards. All are whole-sign color calibrated before leaving our factory. Contact us to learn more about which digital billboard model would best fit your application.


Our True-12mm delivers 73.7 quintillion colors and is engineered to deliver the optimal balance between brightness and energy efficiency. It has 576 pixels per square foot and is perfect for urban installations close to street and pedestrian traffic. It is the highest resolution Watchfire billboard available.



Our True-16mm packs 324 pixels into every square foot. It's a good fit for billboard sites that are set close to the road. And it's especially good for smaller boards that want to get noticed.



Our True-19mm is our most popular digital billboard product and features 256 pixels in every square foot (10-15% more than 20mm boards). It offers exceptional display for all viewing distances and is the industry standard in resolution.



Our E-16mm digital billboard utilizes a unique pixel layout with a patent-pending image processing algorithm. It is ideal for medium- to long-range viewing and perfect for many bulletins and cross-reads.